Publications + Events

Things I’ve written.

Article: Teaching online for the first time because of COVID-19? Don’t worry, its going to be a good day (article link)

Article: Golden Nuggets & Secret Sauce: A Recipe for Good User Experiences (article link)

Article: Teaching Practices & Technology Platforms. NYU Connect: Information Technology (article link)

Connectivism: The (in)formal cohort and its’ implications in knowledge construction (co-author).

Book chapter: ‘Positioning Learner-Generated ‘Knowledge Building Networks’ Between Sites of Learning’. Book: Emerging Web 3.0/Semantic Web Applications in Higher Education: Growing Personalization and Wider Interconnections in Learning, pp. 267–291. Publisher’s site.


Places I’ve talked at.

Code PaLOUsa (2020). Golden nuggets & secret sauce: the makings of delightful user experiences. Lead presenter.

Code PaLOUsa Speaker Interview Series with Chad Green

SAP Customer Experience LIVE (2019). Creating a Holistic, Enterprise-Level Learning Service (for Girl Scouts of the USA). Lead presenter.

Tech Foundations Louisville (2019). Crash Course in Design Thinking (workshop).

Louisville Makes Games! (2018). Crash Course in Design Thinking (workshop).

Instructional Design & Delivery Conference, Manhattan College (2016). Merging UX Methods with Instructional Design Principles. Lead presenter.

Open Apereo 2016. Better Design Through User Research – Tips and Tricks for Conducting Usability Testing. Co-presenter.

OLC Innovate 2016. Course Innovation Grants: Implementing a Successful Professional Development Plan (

Sakai Virtual Conference 2015.  ‘UX Track’ Co-coordinator and Organizer. Designed and co-facilitated four remote usability tests. Presenter: Introduction to UX (

Sakai Virtual Conference 2014. ‘UX Track’ Co-coordinator and Organizer. Presenter: “What to expect when you’re expecting…testers! An overview of remote usability testing and the role of observers.” (

Open Apereo 2014. Co-presenter: Survey Says! Results and Conclusions from NYU’s Sakai CLE All-Faculty Survey (

World Conference on E-Learning 2014. Co-author: Connectivism: The (in)formal cohort and its’ implications in knowledge construction (

Teachers College Educational Technology Conference, 2013. Presenter: “Connectivism: The (in)formal cohort and its implications in knowledge construction.”

Open Apereo 2013. Presenter: “Beyond Putting Lipstick on the Pig: Exploring User Experience Design within Learning Management Systems” ( & “User Voices: Building a Chorus from Cacophony” (