Product + Experience Design

There’s a lot of overlap between the skills and strengths needed by a great instructional designer and a talented product designer. My background in Web Development has afforded me the opportunity to design some really neat stuff. Here are some examples related to product design, all with an educational spin:

  • Feel the Pig: a mid-fidelity prototype mobile app to help forecast adulthood through visualizing your personal affordability of the entire college experience. The banner photo above is from developing this app! 
  • Teachers College website redesign ( On this project I was the lead UX Researcher/ Designer, working directly with the group’s web developers. This 10-month long project consisted of a full site redesign (user interviews, wireframes, mockups, focus groups).
  • 3D Printing: a proposed lesson plan blending 3D open-source printing and teaching middle schoolers about the Fibonacci Sequence. Materials include an Ultimaker, OpenSCAD, Cura and lots of plastic for printing.